Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Door into Summer

Ballpoint pen study, approx. 30 minutes? I don't know, I wasn't keeping track!

Man, if there's anybody who's got the right idea, it's this cat... This is what I want to do all summer: draw, catch up on my reading, draw, catch up on some games that are still unfinished, draw, do some illustration work for a competition, work on a comic, and some more drawing on top of it. Oh, yeah, and fix my damn sleep schedule; these last two semesters screwed me up major.

Anyway, just talking about the drawing for a bit: I love this ballpoint pen I've been using. What it lacks in variation of thick to thin lines, it makes up for with a great range of value that I can't get with the regular ink pens I use. Now I don't have to just cross-hatch! I'm definitely going to try to get a few packs of these before heading back to school... but that's months off and I really don't want to think about right now. It's freakin' SUMMER. No more classes, books or dirty looks for a few months. A more accurate version would be: No more classes, last minute projects and people staring at me for 10 minutes during critiques.

More drawings, sketchbook stuff, prints, whatever I have to come... when I feel like it. Give me a break, it's FREAKING SUMMER.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Digital Age

Been a while, but here's another one-panel cartoon. I tend to do more actual comic stuff (more than one panel), but this was something that popped in my head earlier. It seemed funny at the time, and it's supposed to be my reaction to something that happened to me on Thursday. Now... I'm on *shudder* Facebook... I don't want to talk about what led to it, but let's just say I'm really, really stupid.

And, yeah, I know the "holding onto the panel border for dear life" is nothing new. I just thought it worked. My inking still needs work, but it certainly looks better than my last attempt.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

And Now Back to Our Show...

Where have I been the last couple months?

And, no, I haven't been in therapy. I've just been around. I haven't had much motivation to actually update this thing. I had ideas, plans, the typical overly-ambitious, thought out to the point where I don't care, sort of crap. I think I'm over that now. A new semester is just on the horizon. It's a new year. And so, it's time I started actually DOING things now.

So, with that said, I'm starting a journal comic. Or, more accurately, I'm publishing one now on the web. A bunch of strips/cartoons have been in my sketchbooks for the past year or so, just waiting for me to do something more with them, so I may as well get started now. I don't know what kind of frequency this will be updated with, but hopefully I'll start getting a few up soon. I guess I'll just see where this goes...


2009: New year. New me. New ways for things to go wrong. Let's see where this goes...

My inking needs work... and I need to be more attentive to WHAT I'm inking. It's cool though; I'm not going to sweat it... much...

Here's to a better semester and to a better year!