Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Last year, the Bear and Bird Gallery had a call for local artists for their "Creep Cinema" exhibition. So, naturally, I got excited at the possibility of submitting something for a second time to the gallery. Since the theme revolved around horror/monster movies, I decided to go in with a piece dedicated to the true King of the Monsters: GODZILLA.

I've been a fan of Godzilla ever since I was a kid; I spent a few months researching the Godzilla/Toho universe and re-familiarizing myself with the world of giant Japanese monsters. This included watching a few of the movies (the 90's Heisei films in particular), reading a few scattered Godzilla comics (Dark Horse and the more recent IDW books), and even looking at an outdated reference book (The Official Godzilla Compendium by J.D. Lees and Marc Cerasini) for inspiration. You could say I became a fan all over again.

While some can argue that "Godzilla isn't horror," well, let's be honest here, the concept of Godzilla is pretty scary on its own. And, hey, the gallery took it with no complaint, so... who cares?

Here's the final:

I don't think IDW's gonna be knockin' on my door anytime soon....

It was a fun piece to work on. Though, looking back at it now, there are things that bug me about it, but I'm convinced I'm never going to make something I'm 100% satisfied with... It does make me want to learn more about creating larger scenes and more interesting looking backgrounds though. Also, I just like drawing monsters.

On another note, I have tons of sketches and material I built up over the course of making this piece. I think I might gather them together and make a little showcase of them... Later.

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