Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Patrice O'Neal

Back in late November 2011, Patrice O'Neal had suddenly passed away. I remember I had seen his most recent stand up special ("Elephant in the Room") earlier in the summer, but then suddenly heard nothing else about him until his death. One night, while watching the Daily Show, Jon Stewart had announced the loss of someone "too funny, too soon." I didn't recognize the name until a clip from his special started playing. I was just surprised. I thought it was a real shame that a funny guy like him was gone, so I started doing a little research, finding bits of his comedy routines sprinkled around YouTube and turned out a small tribute piece a week or so later.

This was probably my favorite drawing I've done since I graduated from college. It was a fun little experiment inking from loose, bare bones pencils. I thought the combination of brush and pen came together nicely. While there's probably things I can do better (OK, let's be honest, there ALWAYS are), I think this feels like a nice springboard for what I should be aiming for with my inking.

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