Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Cloud Man and His Dog

This weekend is the Bear and Bird Gallery's newest local artist show, "Be There Be Square 2" and I've once again entered (making this my third entry). The piece is an idea I've been messing around with for over a month or so.  It took me forever to get a composition that I was completely happy with, and a little longer to get the drawing "just right". The final result came out alright, with some typical nitpicks from me, but it was a goofy, fun idea to work on. I think I might do another piece with the same character.

12"x12", Ink, Pastel and Acrylic

I have a ton of process stuff for this that I have to sort out (most of it is already scanned in) so I'll come back later in the week and throw them all up. For now, got any comments/critiques? Drop 'em in the comments section.

Also, check the flyer for the show here.

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