Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ink is My Drink

Been working on some new stuff lately, slowly but surely. If you follow my boy Jaime, then you probably know we're working together on a project. He's getting his stuff together, as am I. Not sure exactly when we're launching, as it's currently hinging on me finishing up the last few drawings on my end. I figure posting something resembling an announcement on here will keep me on track. Maybe... Anyway, yesterday did some ink practice in a new sketchbook I started a couple weeks back, with some OK results.

These are the first two sketches I did, getting really loose and crazy with my inking. Initial sketches were done with my trusty Hunt 512, and then I went crazy with some brush work. I sorta like the mood these tones, coupled with the color of paper, create.

This is the final sketch I did of the same character. I decided to just go in with my brushes and try and push the values a little. I rather like the "rawness" of this type of inking. There are some errors, but I like the mood of it at least. I think if I do another drawing of this detective-type character, I'll probably age him up a little to fit into the role. Don't know what I'll do with him ultimately, but hopefully I'll come up with a story for him eventually...

More to come! Until then, later!

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