Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Been Away Awhile

So it's been a long minute since I last updated this thing, i thought I'd throw up some things I did recently for a couple gallery shows.

First up:

Graphite, 11"x14"

Little figure sketch I did at a local Dr. Sketchy's branch a few months ago. Probably my favorite I'd done after almost a year of attending these drawing events. I was originally going to do an ink version of this for the Dr. Sketchy's show... but something about my hand refusing to do it made me decide I'd save a little time (and ink and vellum) by framing up the original drawing itself. There's a few things that could've been done better on this one, but I sorta liked how the gesture and composition came out.

More recently:

Pen and ink, wash, 11"x14"
Piece I did for a recent Bear and Bird locals-only show. The creature came out of a usual doodling session from when I'm usually drawing in a sketchbook or scrap sheet of paper while watching TV. I'd also been drawing trees a lot the last month or so it was quite fun to actually find a way to incorporate that into a piece.

The main aim with this piece was to really work on composition, something (among so many others) that I usually have a problem with. I was pretty pleased with the final result, especially how the tree in the foreground came out. The value is kind of all over the place though and the creature's pose gave me a lot of trouble. No matter how many times I drew it, it still didn't look quite right! Ah well. Still a lot of fun to work on. I have some process drafts and the thumbnail that I'll put into another post soon.

So yeah... that's what I been up to. I'm starting to jump back into the game and draw a bit more. I want to complete a few comics pages and maybe another piece by the end of the month. Let's see how it goes...

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