Wednesday, October 24, 2012


The Ninja Turtle, I mean.

Had this one sitting on the blog space for a couple weeks, so I figured I'd put it up.

I was watching the original movie a few weeks back (shortly before the new cartoon premiered) and decided I wanted to scrub through parts of the film, take screenshots, and draw from a few scenes. So far, I've only done this and one other that I haven't scanned yet.
The tones, at least on the coat, didn't quite come out as I wanted. Well, on the plus side, I sorta got down the mood...

Here's the source frame that I based this drawing on:

I had some fun working on this one, so I threw it into GIMP and put some flat colors on top. Here are my results.

The coloring kinda hides some of the problems with the inking... The brighter yellow-orange version was inspired by the coloring in the comic book adaptation. Afterward, I felt like I needed to tone it down to more neutral color, so I ended up slapping another color on top. I might go back and fix some of the values in the coloring, but I'm happy with these as they are right now. It was a fun change-up, anyway.

I've really been trying to put in some work with brushes and ink, making smoother, more confident and deliberate choices whenever I ink. I still need some work, but, I am definitely feeling better about it.